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Presence of epidural analgesia and lack of good pushing will favour forceps. Vaccum is associated with more failure rate. Maternal habitus noted,vital signs pulse,B. In case of malposition, ventouse cup should be used to do rotational delivery or in experienced hands keillands forceps can be used 1. I will also tell her that second stage delay can be associated with epidural. Coffin birth, also known as postmortem fetal extrusion, is the expulsion of a nonviable fetus through the vaginal opening of the decomposing body of a deceased. Degree of moulding and caput formation looked for which can indicate cephalpelivic disproportion 1.

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Causes of Prolonged Labour in Face presentation? Care should be taken to select the most appropriate instrument initially as sequential use of instruments is associated with greater morbidity to both the mother and fetus. The decision of mode of delivery should be based upon maternal wishes after explaining her clearly about the clinical situation and best method of delivery and alternatives. It occurs also in contracted flat pelvis. Abdominal Examination will assess the estimated fetal weight fetal lie, degree of flexion of the head and the degree of engagement of the fetal head by measuring the palpable fifth above the symphysis pubis.

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I will make sure the paediatrician to be present at the time of delivery. The scar softens, becomes thinner and reduces in size. Options for delivery would be given which are?? Indications for operative vaginal delivery Fetal- probable fetal compromise Maternal- medical conditions like cardiac disease class or 1v,hypertensive crisis, myasthenia gravis,spinal cord injury patients to avoid autonomic dysreflexia, proliferative retinopathy. Poorly diagnostic and inconclusive - Vaginal Ex: There should be no contraindications to operative vaginal delivery such as fetal bleeding disorder or osteogenesis imperfecta. Palpable fifths of head is checked to find out the descent in the pelvic cavity
I will assess descent of head with pushing. The estimated risk ratio was 1. All such deliveries should be conducted in the operation theatre. IV Fluids may be given if needed. What about doing nothing?

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