Bibles stance on masturbation

Therein lies the first misconception concerning lust - equating lust with thoughts. This passion may lead to masturbation. The progressively addictive power of pornography is well known. Increasingly more people feel little or no compunction about masturbating. And a lack of sexual self-control is directly related to finding sexual pleasure without your spouse. If you believe that the need to masturbate reveals a lack of self control, then you must logically conclude that the need for marital sex also reveals a lack of self control.

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They are the same for the unmarried as they are for the married couple: Many individuals who masturbate will admit that they use pornography, photographs or sexually suggestive stories to heighten the pleasure and vicarious enjoyment of sex. It is therefore very difficult for Christian men and women who are not yet married to stay clear of sexual experimentation, pornography, and peer pressure to get involved. Among the three largest Christian denominations in the United States, the official Catholic Church teaching is below. It is often little more than the formalized training of irreverence, impurity, and rebellion against the plan of God. According to the bible is masturbation a sin? Why does the Law have absolutely nothing to say concerning self stimulation?

Acts Archive: Masturbation, What Does the Bible Say?

He has gone through puberty, and he is now experiencing strong urges to seek a sexual release. According to the Strong's Concordance "pornea," when used in the Bible literally, includes the activities of prostitution, adultery and incest. The true church is spoken of in the New Testament as the Bride of Christ. Why is it that a man's sexual desire is so intense prior to ejaculation yet virtually non-existent afterward? It is sin because sexuality was not given us for that purpose. Adolescents can not be expected to manage their hormone rockets turning on at puberty let alone the deluge of "the flesh, the world, and the devil" as well, without God's help, especially in our pagan world.
It is supposed to be shared with another, and only in marriage. If masturbation were a sin, then Paul missed a really good opportunity to say so in 1 Cor. Sexual selfishness is more difficult to cure than a tendency to eat too much apple pie or roast beef and potatoes. And all sexual pleasure with your spouse is right. For it is a shame even to speak of the things that they do in secret; but when anything is exposed by the light it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. In earlier generations some felt that Onan's sin, for which God ended his life, was masturbation see Genesis To the person who has established a personal relationship with the living God, everything matters, and "the unexamined life is not worth living.

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